IRA – Idly Ripping-off Americans

Posted December 6, 2006 by webbeck
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Ah, yes. The good old IRA, your ticket to financial security in your old age. What a crock. And I speak from experience because I just went through it.

See, this is how the government sells us on the idea of having our own IRA (Individual Retirement Account.) The way it is supposed to work is this: When you are young and making lots of money you can put money (a limited amount) tax free into your IRA. What a deal! Then, when you get old and you’re not making the big bux and your tax bracket has dropped from your youthful burden of 30% to a measly 15% you take the money out and pay a smaller  amount in taxes.

Bull-hockey! What REALLY happens is this: When you take the money out of your IRA the IRS (another scab on the face of America) counts that money as income, which bounces your tax bracket back up to 30% and since you aren’t making a lot of money – guess what – the government has screwed you again.

Now, a Roth IRA has the taxes taken out when you put money in, so if you have one of those you won’t get caught in this trap. But with a regular IRA it’s a case of “Gotcha!” and you’ll find that when you need the money the most, the IRS takes most of it away.

Let’s face it, citizens. We cannot win.


Tough Crowd

Posted November 19, 2006 by webbeck
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Something that has puzzled me for a long time is: how do these foreign countries generate the huge “demonstration” crowds we see everyday on TV? You know how hard it is in the U.S. to get up a foursome for bridge, or tennis, or a golf game. Yet it seems like hundreds of foreigners who hate America and our President (even though they would collapse into third world status without our generous monetary contributions to their so-called economy) can be easily assembled  to burn our flag and curse our country.

Do these people have nothing better to do? Do they have any kind of job? Do their employers allow them time off to demonstrate? Do they not have anything better to do which might enrich their lives and their living conditions?

Is there a “central casting” toll-free number which they can call each morning and ask,” Hey, you need another demonstrator today?” I have noticed that these crowds seem to be all male. Does this mean that Mama is spending her time getting food and taking care of the kids while dad spends his day shouting, “Death to America?”

There have been semi-successful demonstrations in the U.S. such as the civil rights marches on Washington and a few others. But they are all aimed at (as is our constitutional right) addressing problems in our own country. You don’t see hundreds of people with signs and flags filling out streets shouting, “Death to Muslims!” or “Kill Islamic Radicals!”

Perhaps it is because we do have jobs, because we want the best we can provide for our families. Maybe we are too busy making tax money for our government to give to these same countries who hate us.

Maybe it is time for us to take to the streets. I’d love to see Washington’s streets filled with Americans shouting, waving signs and demanding that we nuke these countries who send terrorists to kill our innocent citizens. How long do we wait for the terrorists to come to us again as they did on 9/11? Make no mistake about it: Muslims and Islamics want to kill you and your family simply because you are you.  What say we kill them first?

Think about it.

Yet another rip-off from BellSouth

Posted November 13, 2006 by webbeck
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If you are a BellSouth customer and you have noticed that it now takes as long to upload a picture, or even forward an email, as it did when you were on dial-up, you are not alone.  I thought I was the only one experiencing this phenomenon until I began asking around and I find it is a universal problem.

While I’ve had BellSouth DSL for several years it is only recently that uploading has become so slow.  But, guess what? There’s a reason! BellSouth now has THREE (count ’em – 3) DSL services, each one faster than the other and each one more expensive. They have obviously and deliberately slowed our service so we will go for one of their more expensive plans.

Of course, as they advertise, you can always TALK to BellSouth about any problem. Except this time. I sent them a long email (courteous but firm)  and was promised “a representative will be in contact with you.”  That was three weeks ago and nobody from BellSouth has bothered to respond to me.

This is dirty pool, my friend. Sell you a service, then purposely downgrade it to force you to pay for your old service back again. And I am talking really slow uploads. In fact, Bellsouth (on our regular DSL) is third from LAST in the list of DSL data transfer speeds. Comcast is the fastest (three times faster than BellSouth) and Cox is the second fastest. Again, BellSouth is third from the BOTTOM in this speed comparison.

I suggest we all start taking our DSL service from Comcast cable. I’m not aware of any commitment to take their TV service if you happen to have satellite TV as I do. However, I do have cable already connected to the house so to run it to the wireless modem should be a snap.

Perhaps you should try to contact BellSouth. if you get the brush off as I did, you can switch to Comcast, or wait for the BellSouth sales person to offer you their “new” faster service.

BellSouth sucks the large one.

No more jokes at the fire house

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There was a time when some one could take a joke – now, you don’t take it you just sue.
This is an Email that was sent to me, and it demonstrates just how polarized this country has become. God help us – we can’t help ourselves.

News from old friend in LA News:
I would have thought that firefighters were a nobler breed of men, but

“Most Expensive Meal”

We’ve just set a record here for the most expensive dinner ever served by the City of Los Angeles: $2.7-million.

What do you get for that price, you ask? Oh, just a dinner salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and coffee. And, you do get seconds…all you can eat.

That’s what L.A. will pay a Black firefighter who proved his case of
racial discrimination after other firemen started laughing after dinner
was served at the station.

It seems his meatballs, and his only, were made out of dogfood, and the other guys barked and howled at him for days afterward.

His Captain gets a month off without pay also.

Enough already!

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Are you as up to your eyeballs as sick of all the political bullshit as I am? Every source of national media (TV, radio, newspapers) is chock-a-block full of endless commentaries and polls on the congressional elections in a couple of weeks.

And the polls! I heard a poll the other day that was taken of only 300 people, and the media are using that as an indicator?
Out of a nation of 300 million? Please, give me just a slight consideration that I am not an idiot. And let me ask you this: have you ever been polled? Of course not. The polls are just as crooked as the politicians they are supposed to help or hinder.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter who wins the house or the senate or both. It doesn’t matter because nothing is going to change! George Wallace, while not a hero of mine, made a statement many years ago in regard to Democrats and Republicans. He said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference in any of ’em.” Old George got it right that time.

Politicians today are consulted, rehearsed, questioned & answered by professionals. They are like trained seals (except the seals smell better). Ask them anything and they will give you three minutes of buzzwords, non-sequiteurs, cliches’; Anything that will make you think you heard him/her agree with you – but if you break it down, they have said nothing.

And they are blatant crooks, all of them. They have to be. Look at the millions of dollars spent on each candidate and look who is contributing that money, either openly or, as in most cases illegal secret donations. If you give a man a million dollars to get into government and then ask him to help you clear out some beach front slums so you can put up a multi-billion dollar condo complex do you expect he will say, “No.” Of course not, because a politician’s only goal is to be reelected and he’ll be coming at you for another million the next time he runs. Please, if you remember nothing from this rant except one thing, remember this truth: A politician’s ONLY goal is to be reelected.

You may be a piss & vinegar filled new graduate with your political science degree, and you are out to make the world a wonderful place. But take this from an old-timer. The first president I was old enough to vote for was Dwight Eisenhower. I’ve seen ’em come, I’ve seen ’em go. IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE WHO YOU VOTE FOR, OR IF YOU EVEN VOTE AT ALL. Nothing is going to change one way or the other. We are locked into a two-party system which is really a one party system. And no matter who wins – we lose.

Ain’t it strange…

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that web sites were originally used to promote a company’s commercials or ads. Now the ads and commercials are used to promote the web sites.

that gas prices magically seem to drop right before elections?

that women still want the man to open the car door for them, but insist on paying for half the dinner check?

that people who don’t have time for a good breakfast, or exercise, or to call Mom, or play with the kids, or volunteer to help with food drives or to vote – have plenty of time to write stupid blogs like this one?

that judges will let rapists off with “probation,” but put people in jail for 15 to 20 years for smoking a joint?

that people still live in California?

that old timers in their 80’s and 90’s are still paying school taxes?

that drivers will use a gallon of gas driving around to find a station with gas a penny cheaper?

that hurricane forecasters always get it wrong?

that some idiot will pay $3000 for a set of chrome wheels for a car that’s worth a buck eighty?

that Paris Hilton looks like a walking commerical for sexually transmitted diseases?

that a yahoo who serves two years in congress will get his full pay for the rest of his life, but a soldier who survives twenty years in the service gets a pension of only a thousand dollars a month?

that country music singers wear cowboy hats when most of them have never seen a cow?

and, that I’m wasting my time and yours when we both have better things to do?

I’m outta here…

Ramblings of an old man on heavy drugs

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Fifty years ago I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a fancy gadget that had just hit the market. An Electric Razor! Having the world’s toughest beard, maybe this was just the thing I needed. It even had a “Micro-thin” blade. After rubbing my throat and face raw trying to get it to “Micro-shave” me, I gave up. What the heck. It was new technology. Give ’em time to work the bugs out.

Recently I decided to give electric razors another try. I’m a patient man. It seemed reasonable to give them fifty years to make an electric shaver shave. But this time I went for the big Kahuna – I got the one with the three rotating floating heads – you could even clean it by running it under the faucet. I regret to report that electric razors are still a cruel joke on mankind. They are not worth a shit. Ladies, don’t give one to your guy as a gift! He’ll use it as a courtesy, until his face is rubbed raw, then shove it out of sight under the sink and go back to lather and a blade. It’s hard to go wrong with lather and a blade for a good clean shave.

Does anything make you feel more stupid than when you look down and find that you have had the turn signal blinking away for the last fifteen miles?

Is it just me, or has France reaced the point where they just can’t do anything more emabarrassing? I wonder how it feels to be the laughing stock or the rest of the world?

Would God please grace us by allowing us to never have to hear the name, Kofi Annan again? What a blithering idiot. Somebody please give him a spear and send him out to get a real job. Better yet, give him an electric razor
Is there anyone sane left in Washington? We’ve wasted twenty-five years on NASA’s worthless Shuttle program (notice they are still using the same dangerous “tile” method to keep the damned shuttle from burning up when they reenter the atmosphere – if the tiles were falling off 25 years ago and they still are, wouldn’t you think someone would say, “Hey, about this tile thing…..” Of course the “experiments” the astronauts proformed could well have been done by remote control (will tomato seeds germinate in space? Will rats mate in weightlessness? -“Hang on Sloopy, Hang on!”) Who gives a shit! But to hear NASA rave on about how mankind has benefited by having “live” people up there you’d think they had acturally accomplished something useful. Trust me on this one – they haven’t.

And now we’re going back to the moon! Why, for God’s sake? Nothng’s changed. The moon is still there. Moon rocks are still moon rocks. I would quote you the billions (that’s with a “B”) of dollars each of those joy rides in space cost us, but you’d only vomit.

Am I the only one who thinks that giving trillions of dollars to other countries who wouldn’t give us the time of day, while our national debt keeps climbing, is a stupid, senseless idea? Pretty soon we’ll have a national debt so high, we won’t need a shuttle to get to the moon.

Why haven’t we built the wall between Mexico and the U.S.? What is more important – getting that walll built, or going to the moon….again?

Is there anyone but me who thinks that it might be slightly ostentations, just a teensy-tiny bit egocentric, or just plain tacky for Oprah to have her mug on the cover of her magazine EVERY month! My God, woman – we KNOW what you look like!

Have you ever seen such a worthless congress as we have now? I haven’t. Listen to me, Congress, as I speak for most of the American people. We don’t give a rat’s ass whether it’s Republicans or Democrats who get credit, but for the love of God DO SOMETHING about out problems here at home.

I’m tired – let’s all take a nap.