Virginia Tech – next?

We all agree that what happened at VT was a senseless murder spree. But it brings questions to my mind, along with some fears of more government intervention in our lives.

First (and it is a reminder of the 13 British sailors who surrendered without a fight to Iran and 20 minutes later were making video propaganda tapes) why didn’t the students in those classrooms do SOMETHING! Cho fuckup could not have killed all those students simultaneously. Would you just stand there and let some nut kill you? While he’s shooting some, or reloading, why didn’t the others rush him? They had nothing to lose – he was killing people all around – even if one had gotten shot, it might have saved many others.  Is there some kind of cowardice born into this generation? Military seamen giving up without a fight – students giving up without a fight. I just can’t imagine that in either of those situations that I (of the World War II generation) would not at least try to show some bravery, even if it meant my death.

Second, what worries me most is that this incident is going to have the gun-control-crazies yelling and screaming again. Gun control does nothing but keep innocent citizens from protecting themselves. What if one teacher, one professor at VT had access to a firearm in his desk? He could have ending that killing spree in 5 seconds.

England registered, and then confiscated every citizen’s weapon (even sporting & hunting arms) to make England “a safe place.” What these control nuts have never figured out is that HONEST people turn in their guns – CRIMINALS do not. And now England had the highest crime rate in Europe.

Australia tried the same thing – crimes against innocent people have risen 50%. Meanwhile, in the U.S. where most states now have “right to carry” laws, crime has gone down. It makes sense. If a mugger or a hip-hopper high on meth knows his victim MAY be armed, even in his impaired state he will reconsider attacking his target. Where criminals know the citizens have no firearms, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Anybody is a target.

However, in this generation of cowards I guess it doesn’t matter if they are armed or not. They would probably just stand there and let Cho motherfucker kill them, even if they had more guns than him.  It makes me sick.

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One Comment on “Virginia Tech – next?”

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