Nancy Pelosi, a traitor

Hey! A new way to save money wasted away by Washington. No longer do we need a President, A Secretary of State – in fact we can do away with the entire State Department. Because now we have Nancy Pelosi (The San Francisco Tart) to conduct  the foreign policy of the U.S.

Good old Nancy has also broken the law, ignored a direct order from our Chief of State, made our country look like bumbling idiots to the rest of the world and (although it is a minor point) violated one of the most basic precepts of the Constituion of the United States – which frankly states that only our President will conduct foreign policy.

While she is rubbing noses with everyone in Syria, one of the countries on the top of our terrorist list and one which supplies Iraqi insurgants with money and weapons, Nancy also managed to piss off Isreal by declaring that the Isrealis were ready to talk peace with their terrorist neighbors. (Isreal quickly and flatly denied that lie.) But liberal Democrats have no problem with lying, cheating, or stealing. And Mrs Pelosi will quickly find a way to blame all the damage she has done on President Bush.

If you or I had done what this idiot of a woman has done, the FBI would be waiting on the tarmac when our plane landed to whisk us off to Federal Prison.  But that won’t happen to her. While the Democrats have no hesitation to drag anyone from the White House before one of their witch-hunting “hearings,” the Republicans in congress are all pussies. They never complain when a Democrat commits the most atrocious of acts. That’s because Republicans have never grasped that liberals are America haters. They love to blame our nation for all the world’s ills, and especially they love to blame President Bush.

Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace and an embarrassment to every right thinking American. She deserves to be tried for treason and should serve prison time for her complete and senseless disregard for the laws of our land. The least that should happen to her, is that she should be stripped of her roll as house leader in congress.

But I predict that nothing will come out of this traitor’s malfeaseance – and she will go merrily along denying our troops in Iraq, the money they need to finish this war. If the rest of the world has difficulty understanding this country, where liberals put politics before everything, I’m with them. I don’t understand it either.

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