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Global Hoax

February 19, 2007

There is no such thing as “Global Warming,” in spite of Al Gore’s movie and shouts of gloom and doom from people who have no other “cause” to spend their time on – or, those who are making money from this hoax. I’ll bet that Denver, or those hundreds stranded on a highway for 24 hours because it was snowing faster than the snow plows could clear it, have their doubts about global warming.

Let me say it again: There is NO such thing as global warming. Are there chainges in our climate? Of course there are, but they are cyclical and unpredictable. We have a change in our climate every hundred years or so, every  fifty years, every month, even weekly changes – but they are normal and no cause for alarm.

How can I say these things with such determination? I was a TV weather man for over 30 years, but I am ALSO a meteorologist, which can’t be claimed by most of the weather presenters you see on TV today. And throughout my career there were two climate theories that alternated on a regular basis.

One theory was: Hair spray and cow flatulence and auto exhaust would form a layer in the atmosphere which would keep out the sun – and we would all freeze to death.

The other was: The same things would burn holes in the ozome layer, the ice caps would melt, cities would sink beneath rising oceans, and we would all burn up. (This is the current popular global warming theory.)

For over 30 years I saw these theories change from one to the other over and over about every six years or so, whenever a new class of Climate Ph.D.s would graduate.

Does the ozone layer have holes in it? Yes, it does – but  they come and go as nature demands.  These young climatologists are working with less than 150 years of weather data and making dire predictions from it – while the earth has been here for billions of years.

What bums me out the most is the arrogance of people believing that man could do ANYTHING that would have a major impact on the atmosphere.  Of course we want clean air to breathe, but if man did his worst to the atmosphere it would be no more than a pin prick on an elephant.

Mom always said, “Follow the money.” Hundreds of government grants to universities and individuals are given each year for the study of global warming.  As long as people are making money out of the warming hoax it will continue to be perpetuated.

Trust me on this: the earth’s temperature has only risen a couple degrees in the last 25 to 50 years. And, who knows, it may drop a couple in the next 25 to 50. The laws of physics and Mother Nature will prevail. There is no such thing as “Global Warming.”