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Christmas wishes

December 24, 2006

I really don’t care what your religion is, or even if you don’t claim one – I’m still going to wish you a “Merry Christmas!” Of course, we all know that for the sake of “political correctness” and in the liberal’s misguided efforts to “not hurt anyone’s feelings” we have all but distroyed any mention, any reference, any symbol of Christmas from our daily lives.

What, for the life of me, I can’t understand is why no body cares about MY feelings! It is quite all right and proper to display menorahs, Muslim’s (remember, they are the fanatical scum who want to kill us all) crescent and star, and any other icons that represent a religious faith – but no signs reading “Merry Christmas,” or manger tableaus, no singing carols, nothing that remotely signifies a belief in Christ.

Is this ridiculous? Is it discriminatory? Of course it is. But Christians, being a rather nice bunch of people (in general) just let it go with no protests, no demonstrations in the streets burning menorahs or Muslim flags. (Come to think of it, I don’t believe you could burn a menorah since most of them are made of metal.) Okay, no stomping of menorahs.

Liberals, you should remember, are a minority in this nation – our citizens by a large margin are conservative in their beliefs and their actions. “Ah hah!” they say, “look at the last election! Liberals were swept into office!” Bah. Hum bug.
Off year elections always go to the minority party in congress, and in this  case  lots  of  conservatives voted  with  Democrats to  show their displeasure with the disgraceful way the Republicans were running government. But I digress.

It is the Liberal’s nonsensical guilt for the “down trodden,” and their lack of respect or admiration for this wonderful country of ours that makes them want everybody to tip toe around for fear of making someone of another race, religion, or ethnicity feel bad. And we conservatives let them get away with it.

But Christmas is more than the expression of Christian beliefs and traditions – it is a time of “good will to all men.” And it  is in that spirit that I wish you a hearty “Merry Christmas!” And may God bless you and your loved ones now and forever.


IRA – Idly Ripping-off Americans

December 6, 2006

Ah, yes. The good old IRA, your ticket to financial security in your old age. What a crock. And I speak from experience because I just went through it.

See, this is how the government sells us on the idea of having our own IRA (Individual Retirement Account.) The way it is supposed to work is this: When you are young and making lots of money you can put money (a limited amount) tax free into your IRA. What a deal! Then, when you get old and you’re not making the big bux and your tax bracket has dropped from your youthful burden of 30% to a measly 15% you take the money out and pay a smaller  amount in taxes.

Bull-hockey! What REALLY happens is this: When you take the money out of your IRA the IRS (another scab on the face of America) counts that money as income, which bounces your tax bracket back up to 30% and since you aren’t making a lot of money – guess what – the government has screwed you again.

Now, a Roth IRA has the taxes taken out when you put money in, so if you have one of those you won’t get caught in this trap. But with a regular IRA it’s a case of “Gotcha!” and you’ll find that when you need the money the most, the IRS takes most of it away.

Let’s face it, citizens. We cannot win.