Yet another rip-off from BellSouth

If you are a BellSouth customer and you have noticed that it now takes as long to upload a picture, or even forward an email, as it did when you were on dial-up, you are not alone.  I thought I was the only one experiencing this phenomenon until I began asking around and I find it is a universal problem.

While I’ve had BellSouth DSL for several years it is only recently that uploading has become so slow.  But, guess what? There’s a reason! BellSouth now has THREE (count ’em – 3) DSL services, each one faster than the other and each one more expensive. They have obviously and deliberately slowed our service so we will go for one of their more expensive plans.

Of course, as they advertise, you can always TALK to BellSouth about any problem. Except this time. I sent them a long email (courteous but firm)  and was promised “a representative will be in contact with you.”  That was three weeks ago and nobody from BellSouth has bothered to respond to me.

This is dirty pool, my friend. Sell you a service, then purposely downgrade it to force you to pay for your old service back again. And I am talking really slow uploads. In fact, Bellsouth (on our regular DSL) is third from LAST in the list of DSL data transfer speeds. Comcast is the fastest (three times faster than BellSouth) and Cox is the second fastest. Again, BellSouth is third from the BOTTOM in this speed comparison.

I suggest we all start taking our DSL service from Comcast cable. I’m not aware of any commitment to take their TV service if you happen to have satellite TV as I do. However, I do have cable already connected to the house so to run it to the wireless modem should be a snap.

Perhaps you should try to contact BellSouth. if you get the brush off as I did, you can switch to Comcast, or wait for the BellSouth sales person to offer you their “new” faster service.

BellSouth sucks the large one.

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One Comment on “Yet another rip-off from BellSouth”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:

    My friend George, a retired Delta pilot ,tried not once, but twice to give BellSouth his high-speed business and each time he had to go with Comcast. He said the service was much more reliable and faster with Comcast. And with customer service like what Bellsouth is throwing your way, imagine if BellSouth tries to merge with AT&T how much worse things will be for us as customers. They will be routing all odf our calls to a call center hundreds or thousand miles away.

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