No more jokes at the fire house

There was a time when some one could take a joke – now, you don’t take it you just sue.
This is an Email that was sent to me, and it demonstrates just how polarized this country has become. God help us – we can’t help ourselves.

News from old friend in LA News:
I would have thought that firefighters were a nobler breed of men, but

“Most Expensive Meal”

We’ve just set a record here for the most expensive dinner ever served by the City of Los Angeles: $2.7-million.

What do you get for that price, you ask? Oh, just a dinner salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and coffee. And, you do get seconds…all you can eat.

That’s what L.A. will pay a Black firefighter who proved his case of
racial discrimination after other firemen started laughing after dinner
was served at the station.

It seems his meatballs, and his only, were made out of dogfood, and the other guys barked and howled at him for days afterward.

His Captain gets a month off without pay also.

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