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Tough Crowd

November 19, 2006

Something that has puzzled me for a long time is: how do these foreign countries generate the huge “demonstration” crowds we see everyday on TV? You know how hard it is in the U.S. to get up a foursome for bridge, or tennis, or a golf game. Yet it seems like hundreds of foreigners who hate America and our President (even though they would collapse into third world status without our generous monetary contributions to their so-called economy) can be easily assembled  to burn our flag and curse our country.

Do these people have nothing better to do? Do they have any kind of job? Do their employers allow them time off to demonstrate? Do they not have anything better to do which might enrich their lives and their living conditions?

Is there a “central casting” toll-free number which they can call each morning and ask,” Hey, you need another demonstrator today?” I have noticed that these crowds seem to be all male. Does this mean that Mama is spending her time getting food and taking care of the kids while dad spends his day shouting, “Death to America?”

There have been semi-successful demonstrations in the U.S. such as the civil rights marches on Washington and a few others. But they are all aimed at (as is our constitutional right) addressing problems in our own country. You don’t see hundreds of people with signs and flags filling out streets shouting, “Death to Muslims!” or “Kill Islamic Radicals!”

Perhaps it is because we do have jobs, because we want the best we can provide for our families. Maybe we are too busy making tax money for our government to give to these same countries who hate us.

Maybe it is time for us to take to the streets. I’d love to see Washington’s streets filled with Americans shouting, waving signs and demanding that we nuke these countries who send terrorists to kill our innocent citizens. How long do we wait for the terrorists to come to us again as they did on 9/11? Make no mistake about it: Muslims and Islamics want to kill you and your family simply because you are you.  What say we kill them first?

Think about it.


Yet another rip-off from BellSouth

November 13, 2006

If you are a BellSouth customer and you have noticed that it now takes as long to upload a picture, or even forward an email, as it did when you were on dial-up, you are not alone.  I thought I was the only one experiencing this phenomenon until I began asking around and I find it is a universal problem.

While I’ve had BellSouth DSL for several years it is only recently that uploading has become so slow.  But, guess what? There’s a reason! BellSouth now has THREE (count ’em – 3) DSL services, each one faster than the other and each one more expensive. They have obviously and deliberately slowed our service so we will go for one of their more expensive plans.

Of course, as they advertise, you can always TALK to BellSouth about any problem. Except this time. I sent them a long email (courteous but firm)  and was promised “a representative will be in contact with you.”  That was three weeks ago and nobody from BellSouth has bothered to respond to me.

This is dirty pool, my friend. Sell you a service, then purposely downgrade it to force you to pay for your old service back again. And I am talking really slow uploads. In fact, Bellsouth (on our regular DSL) is third from LAST in the list of DSL data transfer speeds. Comcast is the fastest (three times faster than BellSouth) and Cox is the second fastest. Again, BellSouth is third from the BOTTOM in this speed comparison.

I suggest we all start taking our DSL service from Comcast cable. I’m not aware of any commitment to take their TV service if you happen to have satellite TV as I do. However, I do have cable already connected to the house so to run it to the wireless modem should be a snap.

Perhaps you should try to contact BellSouth. if you get the brush off as I did, you can switch to Comcast, or wait for the BellSouth sales person to offer you their “new” faster service.

BellSouth sucks the large one.

No more jokes at the fire house

November 12, 2006

There was a time when some one could take a joke – now, you don’t take it you just sue.
This is an Email that was sent to me, and it demonstrates just how polarized this country has become. God help us – we can’t help ourselves.

News from old friend in LA News:
I would have thought that firefighters were a nobler breed of men, but

“Most Expensive Meal”

We’ve just set a record here for the most expensive dinner ever served by the City of Los Angeles: $2.7-million.

What do you get for that price, you ask? Oh, just a dinner salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and coffee. And, you do get seconds…all you can eat.

That’s what L.A. will pay a Black firefighter who proved his case of
racial discrimination after other firemen started laughing after dinner
was served at the station.

It seems his meatballs, and his only, were made out of dogfood, and the other guys barked and howled at him for days afterward.

His Captain gets a month off without pay also.