Ain’t it strange…

that web sites were originally used to promote a company’s commercials or ads. Now the ads and commercials are used to promote the web sites.

that gas prices magically seem to drop right before elections?

that women still want the man to open the car door for them, but insist on paying for half the dinner check?

that people who don’t have time for a good breakfast, or exercise, or to call Mom, or play with the kids, or volunteer to help with food drives or to vote – have plenty of time to write stupid blogs like this one?

that judges will let rapists off with “probation,” but put people in jail for 15 to 20 years for smoking a joint?

that people still live in California?

that old timers in their 80’s and 90’s are still paying school taxes?

that drivers will use a gallon of gas driving around to find a station with gas a penny cheaper?

that hurricane forecasters always get it wrong?

that some idiot will pay $3000 for a set of chrome wheels for a car that’s worth a buck eighty?

that Paris Hilton looks like a walking commerical for sexually transmitted diseases?

that a yahoo who serves two years in congress will get his full pay for the rest of his life, but a soldier who survives twenty years in the service gets a pension of only a thousand dollars a month?

that country music singers wear cowboy hats when most of them have never seen a cow?

and, that I’m wasting my time and yours when we both have better things to do?

I’m outta here…

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2 Comments on “Ain’t it strange…”

  1. david rhodes Says:

    Members of Congress get pensions similar to most other federal employees. None get full pay for life, and one serving just two years will get nothing. Do agree with you that most are yahoos (and about Paris Hilton, too).

  2. David Says:

    Hi David, and thanks for your response. Obviously we get our political information from different sources, but I hope you agree (the point of that “Rant”) that we do not now, nor have we ever done right by our service men or their families, while the politicians prtty well take care of themselves.


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