Success comes at a price!

God, I’m tired. My brain is all mush. That’s why I haven’t blogged for quite some time. I just finished getting a web site up for a metal fabrication company. Building the web site was a challenge, but fun, like all of them. It only took about three weeks to build the site – but the hassle of getting the guy’s domain name transferred to a decent web host (Go Daddy, the best there is – their 24/7 support by a “live” English speaking IT is their best asset) has burned me out.

I’m even too tired to tell Isreal to give the terrorists hell, but they don’t need my encouragment. I’m not Jewish, but I’ve always admired Isreal for not taking any shit off of out-of-control towel heads. I hope they kill ’em all. The more they kill, the less we have to deal with.  Maybe this will wake up the world (except France)to the fact that this is an all-out war and the terrorists are going to kill us all (their stated goal) or we have to kill all of them. You just can’t sleep with a rattle snake.

Til next time….

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