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Success comes at a price!

July 20, 2006

God, I’m tired. My brain is all mush. That’s why I haven’t blogged for quite some time. I just finished getting a web site up for a metal fabrication company. Building the web site was a challenge, but fun, like all of them. It only took about three weeks to build the site – but the hassle of getting the guy’s domain name transferred to a decent web host (Go Daddy, the best there is – their 24/7 support by a “live” English speaking IT is their best asset) has burned me out.

I’m even too tired to tell Isreal to give the terrorists hell, but they don’t need my encouragment. I’m not Jewish, but I’ve always admired Isreal for not taking any shit off of out-of-control towel heads. I hope they kill ’em all. The more they kill, the less we have to deal with.  Maybe this will wake up the world (except France)to the fact that this is an all-out war and the terrorists are going to kill us all (their stated goal) or we have to kill all of them. You just can’t sleep with a rattle snake.

Til next time….


Happy Birthday America!

July 4, 2006

This is the day we celebrate our freedom. The freedom of speech, which few other countries have, and which the New York Times (and most of the media – except talk radio and the Fox News Channel) will go to great lengths to abuse. The freedom to worship any odd ball religion you choose including that of the Muslims who want to kill us all. Or, no religion which allows one atheist to take God out of the classroom and demand no crosses on public land. (And I promise you, scratch anyone who claims to be an atheist and you’ll find a liberal underneath.)

Now, that one really pisses me off. First, because any imbecile who can look at a tree or a flower or a baby and not know there is a Higher Power than man, is just too God damned stupid to live. And, second, because regardless of what the loud mouth idiots espouse, this IS a nation founded on the principles of Christianity. Our founding fathers included the “separation of church and state” so that the government couldn’t force the citizens to attend some religion the government imposed. It did not mean that the cross or paintings of Christ or a manger tableau could not be allow on property which is owned by a majority of the people in this country.

It is the Liberals who have forced God out of everything in our lives, because they believe they know better how we should live than even the Almighty. They never miss a chance to endorse, and fund, any screwball scheme which will defy the laws of Christianity. I say this, not because I am a practitioner of organized religion (which I am not) but because I am fed up with Nancy Pelosi and Ms. Feinstein and Harry Reid and all the other brainless people we have sent to congress backing any weird group of malcontents, including those who want to kill babies up to the time the child is emerging from its worthless mother’s body.

Have those of us who believe the ten commandments are good rules to follow, that patriotism is not a sin, that Christians and Jews have just as much right to display the symbols of their faith as nit wits, that murderers and rapists should be made to pay for their crimes (instead of being the darlings of liberals) – have we just given up our rights to everything because we are nice people?

What about those tens of thousands of crosses in Arlington National Cemetery and in Normandy marking the graves of good young Americans who gave their lives for our Christian based nation? Should they be knocked down – after all, they are on public land.

Liberals lie with impunity and will ignor any or all of God’s commandments to further their sick-minded cause, which is to choose the opposite of any common sense approach to problems. They are, simply, mind-blocked numb nuts. And it is time for sane Americans to take a stand for what they know is right. And there is not a better time than on this 230th birthday of our wonderful country.