Six Sixty-Six

Whew! Well, we all made it through 06-06-06 (or as the mystical ones among us like to call it, "666") and the sign of the Devil didn't seem to hurt us too much. I was franklly amazed at all the media roar about 666, when there was no mention of what the real significance of 6 June really is, regardless of what year is concerned.

In their rush to warn us of the hex of 666, I only saw one newscast which even mentioned that June 6 is the anniversary of "D-Day," the invasion of Europe by allied forces. This was the real beginning of World War II, and the end of totalitarian rule of most of Europe and the murder of millions of civilians by Hitler's Nazi butchers.

It was a costly fight though, as any fight to restore freedom always is. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, and our allies died in that struggle. Last night I viewed again a movie which I love, but which also reminds one of the horror of war. The flick is "Memphis Belle," the story of the first American B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft to successfully complete 25 bombing missions over enemy territory. It makes us remember that over 200,000 American airmen died in that war. When our bombers took off, with a crew of 8 to10 men, the odds of them living through the mission were one out of five. Yes, that's not a misprint – 1 U.S. Army Air Corps airman survived that war for every 5 who took to the air and died.

Those old fighters who did live through it are now in their 80's & 90's and are dying at a rate of about 1,000 a day. Soon, they will all be gone. But we must never forget them. They were children, really, when they volunteered to fight Hitler. 18 to 22 year-old kids flying and dying so that Europe could be free, and Nazism would never threaten the U.S.A.

Almost every generation has had its war – but Tom Brokaw was right when he called those men, "The Greatest Generation." Too bad we were so mesmerised by "666" that we forgot to offer a moment of tribute to them.

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One Comment on “Six Sixty-Six”

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  2. Johnny B. Says:

    Well, the %$#$& spammers have even found a way to jam up a blog. I hope they walk under a ladder, break a mirror, dump over a salt shaker, have a black cat cross their paths, and get 666’d to death!

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