Idiots at Large

Okay. Now, let me get this straight. In order to get English codified as the "official" language of America, we are now going to give Social Security benefits to people who sneaked into our country illegally.

As far as I know, England, France, Germany, Japan and all other countries have not felt it necessary to designate their languages as "official" for their respective countries. And, if I go to those countries to live I must go through the proper procedures to become a citizen and I am expected to speak the language.

We all know that Social Security (because of politicians dipping their greedy paws into the slush fund) IS going to run out of money in the not distant future. So to make it run out faster we now will give it to people who admittedly are in the U.S. illegally! Ah, now I see the logic of this move – it is to secure the vote (yes, illegals can vote) of this growing minority.

If I were in a corrupt, repressive state such as Mexico, I would want to leave also. And now, since I would receive a retirement plan (SSI) and injured worker's benefits, I would have even more incentive to rush over the border illegally.

Every day a more preposterous "plan" comes out of Washington that is even more odious than the one the day before. Am I wrong, or is this the most stupid gathering of idiots to make up the congress in the last fifty years? And, as far as the president and his cabinet goes, every day they dig themselves a little deeper into the hole. What is an ultra-intelligent, classy, diplomatic genius like Condelesa Rice doing iin such a smarmy group?

Let's get rid of the whole bunch (except Condi) and see if we can elect people with at least the intelligence of a bagel to run our country. Better yet, let's elect my mom as President. She'd straighten out this mess in a heartbeat.

johnny b

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