One thing we have not mentioned in reference to record breaking gasoline prices is this: You can't lay all the blame on the gas producing companies. You may have wondered why the President, or congress, or anybody in politics hasn't done something to relieve the people of these burdensome prices.

It's simple, really. There is no doubt the government needs money. We have the highest indebtedness in history. But, standing at the gas pump watching the dollar digits spin around, we forget that – as gas prices go up, both the national and state revenues go up because both are a precentage of the price YOU pay. Are we naive enough to believe that our government and state officials are going to try REAL HARD to cut those taxes? Actually, if I remember correctly the government treasury received almost as much in increased taxes as the oil producers did in profit.

Of course, the Republicans are going to fix all that with the embarrassing "rebate" of $100 to everyone. By the way, that $100 is taxable so it might pay for a couple of tanks of gas. And the Democrats have never seen a tax they didn't like, so give up any hopes of "help from on high." As I have mentioned before in these rants, it is up to us to cut out any unnecessary use of gas, and the market will take care of the bringing the price down. 

Once again it is up to us as individuals to control our destiny. If you've been sitting around waiting for the government to do that, you must have just arrived from another planet.

johnny b 

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