Surprise, surprise!

Well, I hate to be the one to break the sad news, but someone has to. Exxon's profits (we're not talking gross here, this is net after all taxes and expenses are paid) for the first quarter of this year fell to $9 billion (9,000000.00) after their record-breaking profit of $11 billion last quarter.

Please don't misunderstand my politics here. I am a firm believer in a totally free market, so I am not denigrating Exxon. They are entitled to make all the money they can. But to believe that the four oil companies serving America are not artificially driving the price of gas higher and higher is naive. And, when you get down to the pump, the real reason prices of fuel are so high is: you are paying them! As long as you will pay over $3 a gallon that's what it will be. Exxon has the right to raise the price of their product to $10 a gallon, if you will pay it.

If enough of us park our trucks, SUVs, big cars, and off-road vehicles so the volume of Exxon's storage tanks reaches capacity, then the price will go down. The market does drive prices. Anyone who took Economics 101 knows that. When the demand for products goes up, so do the prices. Since Exxon's artificially keeping the gas price high by sitting on their half-full tanks, the only way to bring the price down is to decrease the demand for their gas.

We, that's you and me (forget the government -they've never gotten anything right) have to cut our driving down, put our four-wheel off roaders and outboard motors in storage, and just use less gas. It only works if enough of us do it long enough for Exxon to see the demand for their gas go down. Then watch prices drop.

Every mile we don't drive will help. Everyone of us can cut down, if we think ahead, plan our drive, make one less trip to the convenience store. Let's give it a try. Let US control the price of gas, not Exxon. 

johnny b 

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