A Generous Gesture

I hear that Exxon has issued a statement saying something like, "We are going to do our best to see that the driving public has the gas it needs for the summer season." Isn't that nice of Exxon? They are going to try hard to let us buy their gas for $3.00 or more a gallon. Remember, here is a company that reported PROFITS of Eleven Billion Dollars for the last quarter of 2005. (That's 11 followed by 6 zeroes.)

It is no secret why gas prices are so high. There are only four companies supplying gas to the U.S. making up a monopoly that can charge whatever the public will pay. And, they are blatant about it. Say a barrel of oil goes up to $70 today – that oil won't reach the refineries for three months, but your local gas station will raise prices another .25 before the sun goes down.

Why, you may ask, doesn't the government do something about this? It's strange, isn't it. Remember when AT&T was "the phone company?" They owned the lines, the equipment, you even had to lease your phone from them. In that case, congress decided it was a monopoly and ordered AT&T to sell off some divisions, to open their phone lines to other companies, and now we have dozens of suppliers all vying for your phone business.

Why, then, does the government not break up the oil company monopoly? A friend once said, "If you want to get to the bottom of something, follow the money." In this case the money has been flowing to politicians like a swift river. When the oil moguls are called to Washington to testify, they are treated like royalty. So forget the government doing anything to lower gas prices. (And, of course, the cost of gas is reflected in every thing we buy.)

If everybody in America would promise not to buy any gas on a certain day – I guarantee you the price would drop dramatically tomorrow . But that will never happen. Americans are, basically, pussies. So gas prices will continue to climb, but don't worry – Exxon is trying hard to supply you with gas for the summer season. 

Happy Motoring! 

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2 Comments on “A Generous Gesture”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:

    I have been trying to leave my Yukon in the garage one day a week and walk to places whenever possible. It hurts every time I fill up. The gas price shell game is so rotten that I don’t let my tank get below 1/2 before I fill back up. It’s sad that you can’t take a chance on another 24-48 hours. But the prices are so unstable that you could spend several more dollars if the price jumps another 20 cents.

    Who would ever have thought you would have to strategize like a stock portfolio just to fill up? That’s okay you greedy oil bastards. When we do end up with cars and other gasoline consuming items able to use alternative fuel, you will be like Sony and the Betamax, no one will need you as much. Maybe then you will actually feel our pain but in a different way. You will have all of the oil you need and then you will feel like Burgess Meredith in the episode of the Twilight Zone where he ends up with all of the books he could ever want but he breaks his glasses and there are no others left to make him new ones.

  2. Johnny B. Says:

    Good thinking, Michael. Now the govt. wants to send a few people $100 (which will be taxed) to correct the crisis in gas prices. I believe this is the absolute worst and most stupid congress we have allowed in office, in my lifetime. After taxes, that $100 will give you two tankfuls of gas. Oh, yeah. That will really solve the problem!
    Thanks for your comment, Michael. Your’re a good American.

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