Bloody rocks

It has been said that you cannot get blood from a rock or a turnip or (fill in the blank) but the U.S. government does a pretty good job of it. Yes, it’s income tax time again – hooray. Another chance to contribute to building bridges that go nowhere, and paved roads that will become busy intersections as soon as the politicians sell the land surrounding it.
The federal income tax rate is about 20%, but when you add all the “embedded taxes” (just check you phone bill, or electric bill, or how much state tax is added to any purchase (and it is outrageous on gasoline – at a time when we are all hurting due to gas prices) and you will find that your TOTAL taxes are somewhere between 50 and 60%.
Americans work harder with longer hours and less time off than any European country, and yet over half of your work day is for taxes.
And, of course, your property and school tax will go up again this year. (Have you ever see a tax go down?) Last year the U.S. government spent more money than has ever been spent before. I am not an anti-Bush democrat (I am a libertarian) but our president did not veto one spending bill that crossed his desk.
It’s been said that when you get your paycheck, if you had to walk down a line of tax collectors and hand them the money they demand you would realize how little you have left for all your work.
So my advice to you when you fill out that ludicrous 1040A this year, is to cheat. Deduct anything you can claim as an expense – work your form from the back forward. Decide how much money you want back, and work toward that goal. It’s the only choice, until the American people are taxed to the point where work is worthless.
Of course, the IRS will let you pay them with your credit card. What’s another 21% debt?

johnny b.

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    Thanks for your great post i am doing a study on thios and you really helped me out here



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