Put a sock in it, Cynthia

If you are not a Georgian, please do not consider the outrageous acts by Cynthia McKenny as typical of those of us who live in and around Atlanta. A little background – her father was a bail bondsman, and through his contacts in bailing out politicians, he became friendly with the power makers. So when the city of Atlanta became predominately black, he garnered enough votes to become a state legislator – but he still carried his knife and his gun in the state house. He is the role model for his daughter's arrogant stupidity.

Personally, I am sick and tired of people who should know better, playing the "race card." Atlanta (which has five surrounding counties making up the metro area, much the same as New York and its burroughs) is, and has been for years, totally integrated – anybody can have any job, live anywhere they like, and many blacks have become millionaires here. You won't hear them cry "racism" everytime someone cuts them off at an intersection.

My neighbor came from South Africa, and just using what is available to "underprivileged minorities." he now owns a mortgage company, a real estate company, and a construction company. And, he is a fine neighbor, too.

If there is a trodden minority in this nation it is the middle-aged white male, for whom there is no affirmative action, who finds racial and gender descrimination at all job levels. No doors are opened for him; he gets no government favors. But, seldom do you hear him cry "racism!" when he's passed over for a job or a promotion.

So please shed no tears for Cynthia McKenny, she is a huge embarrassment to those who live here. She lost her seat in congress in the election prior to the last one – hopefully God will grant us someone with a brain in the next election.

johnny b. 

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2 Comments on “Put a sock in it, Cynthia”

  1. Chuck Davis Says:

    Boy how true. Well said.

  2. lancelot Says:

    with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

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