Saludas Amigos

My father was a first-generation American of a couple who migrated from Hamburg, Germany to Texas in the 1800's. When I was young, many times I asked my father to teach me some German, just a few words, anything to help me understand my heritage. He couldn't do it; he didn't know any German words. His parents could not speak english when they came to Texas, but they learned and they allowed their children to only speak english – because they were so proud to be Americans.

Now, look at that manual for the tool you just bought for yard work or in your workshop or you business. It is written in both english and spanish. Our schools now must have interpreters for Mexican children so the kids can learn arithmetic in spanish. This is patently absurd.
I have some questions for you now, which you already know the answers to. If I go to live in France do the French expect me to speak French? How about Japan? Brazil? Italy? How about Mexico? The answer, of course, is that if you take up the nationality of another country you are expected to learn the native language – to speak it and to write it.

I am very proud that I am an American. My father fought for America in World War I and it is certainly possible that some of the people he killed in the line of duty were relatives of his. But he wasn't German anymore, he was an American through and through.

I don't believe in hyphenated Americans. If you come here legally, or are born here you are or should be simply a good American citizen. I don't call myself German-American, and it is pretentious for people to call themselves African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Canadian-Americans, Russian-Americans, or any other nonsensical name. If you are more proud of where your ancestors came from than being a part of this great nation, then go back to Africa, Mexico, Canada, Russia.

We have reached the point in this country where the illegal Mexican-Americans out number the American born African-Americans, and there is no question that something must be done to stop the flowing river of Mexicans that cascade across our open borders in waves – with no intention of becoming citizens, and then marching in our streets waving Mexican flags in protest because we prefer them entering the way my grandparents did – legally. Learn our language, you ignorant bastards, contribute to our economy, pay your taxes, get off our welfare, pay for your medical care – or else get your asses back to the filth of Mexico.

This is something we Americans must insist upon. Our politicians, remember, are only interested in getting enough votes to keep their cush jobs. So it is up to us to see that they send these population polluters back to where they sneaked in from. And from now on, let them earn the right to be an American.

johnny b.

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