“We’ll be right with you.”

Why is it that doctors think that their time is as valuable as gold, yet they feel that their patients time is worthless? It certainly seems to be the case. I'll bet everyone reading this has cooled their heels in the waiting room way past their appointment time more than once.

This week I had to go see a doctor;you do that a lot when you get old. My appointment time was 3:30, and I arrived about ten minutes early. I didn't see the doctor until 4:05, and then he spent less than 10 minutes with me. The problem, as I see it, is that doctors run their offices much like the airlines. They overbook. Of course there are emergencies and some medical problems take more time – but not everyday.

I would have walked out after waiting 15 minutes, but if one does that you cannot get another appointment for 3 months. I guess their lack of concern about keeping a room full of patients waiting…waiting…waiting is caused by the God complex they get along with their diploma and license to practice.

Anyway, don't schedule anything else for the day you're going to the doctor. You may have clients who won't put up with waiting 50 minutes to see you.

johnny b.

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