There’s nothing “FAIR” about the fair tax – unless you’re rich

It’s tax time again, seems to come earlier each year. The income tax code is about 4 inches thick, and so vague that (if they wished) the IRS could find something wrong with every return filed. The President appointed a committee to simplfy the income tax code, and after a year of kadoodling they ended up ADDING a few more pages. Some simplifying.
There’s been a lot of talk about the so-called “Fair Tax,” which has been sponsored by 21 congressmen. In it, there would be no more income tax, deductions, or loop holes. Everyone would pay a flat 23% on everything they buy. That’s right, if you buy a broom, or an 80 foot yacht, it’s all the same – 23% tax on everything.

The fair tax really only benefits the rich, because those who are pushing it have ALREADY bought the big items – the second homes in the Rockies and Florida. They already have their Mercedes and airplanes and yachts. The poor among us (and that group grows larger every year) would suffer most because they don’t have the big ticket items like the rich, yet they would pay $3.69 for that $3.00 broom.

But, not to worry. The fair tax is as dead as the Dubai port deal. Why? Because it would put thousands of IRS employees, tax preparers, and lawyers out of business. And since almost every congress person is a lawyer, do you think for a moment they are going to alienate all those potential voters? Not a chance. So, get ready to wade through all those forms again. Better yet, just send all your money to Washington and let them send you back anything that’s left over after all the computations.

Johnny b.

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One Comment on “There’s nothing “FAIR” about the fair tax – unless you’re rich”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:

    And don’t forget about the TurboTax products! I bought my first copy this year. Easy to use? Well if you are a computer programming expert, it’s a snap. I installed the software and I was prompted to use the One Click Update feature to pull in any changes made during January. Several hours later, I was hunting around on their support web site and finding that I wasn’t the only one experiencing the One Click Update problem. Their message board showed a lot of frustrated people.

    Not to worry, the support section suggested using the manual update. After five hours of downloading (I just don’t need to spend another $45 a month to use high-speed. I don’t download a lot of things) the update would not apply. Not to worry, they offered some alternative suggestions like re-installing the software or suggested maybe the wrong download was selected. I had the Deluxe version with a State download. There was only one catagory that matched that product.

    I proceeded to e-mail their support contact and threatened never to buy another Intuit product again. They could not respond fast enough. They overnighted another disc with the updates built in. They sent a state disc the following day. Maybe I just need to wait each year until February when they have all of their updates.

    Now, who would want the tax laws to be changed so they wouldn’t have challenges like this?

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