Dubai Dies

If you will refer back to my blog of 22 February, you will see that my prediction of “perception is everything” was right on the spot. I’m not sure if the politicos in DC are smart, dumb, or just depend on luck and the direction of the wind. It is obvious now that 70% of Americans are against the UAE taking over management of our ports. That this debacle should have happened in the first place is beyond my level of understanding.

Of course, we have Arabic airlines flying into our country every day and the clerks, baggage loading and unloading – everything affecting that flight, is done by Arabs who are employees of the country of origin, not by our homeland security people. So, the Dubai deal was probably as safe as a bug in a rug (since port security would continue to be handled by Americans) but just the perception of people from Arabic countries having anything to do with our ports was enough to trigger one of the biggest PR flops of the Republicans. Even the President seemed surprised when he first heard of it, which boggles the mind. Now, even Republicans who are up for re-election (and let me remind you that politicians want to remain in plush jobs over ANYTHING else) are speaking out against the Dubai deal. We may be losing one of the few friendly countries we have in the middle east – but Dubai is as dead as (and smells as bad as) last weeks halibut. I may be dumb, but I’m not crazy. I wish I could say the same for our government.

Johnny B

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