Weirdness prevails

Funny things have been happening to me lately. On a check-out magazine cover I saw a picture of Britney Spears, and the title of her article was, “Britney speaks her mind.” That must be shortest article ever written. Maybe one sentence: “High School Dropout Makes Baby.” Or, “How to dress for Church.” No, it couldn’t be that – how many women do you see in church with see-through-bra-less-blouses and jeans so low you can see she’s shaved her pubic hair. Well, speaking for American red-blooded men, I say, “Not near enough!” But, I digress.

I was in morning drive-time traffic yesterday, which is a rarity for me. Around this city people don’t work 8 to 5 because they can’t get to work before ten and have to leave at three – with an hour or so off for lunch that only leaves four hours for work. No wonder half the population, which is now close to five million works for the government, either national, state, or local. Anyway I was in this traffic and this black lexus whips by me on the right and I notice him zipping in and out wherever he could find ten feet to squeeze that car in and then I lost sight of him. But the funny part is that 7 or 8 miles later I pulled up behind the same car at a stop light. So for all of his maneuvering and dangerous driving – the son of a bitch hadn’t gained a block! To me, that’s funny.

You know that old cartoon that shows the cops hiding behind signboards, etc.? Well, on that same trip yesterday I saw this motorcycle cop pull out from a hidden space under an overpass with his lights flashing, and he pulled over the car that was just in front of me. Besides being relieved because I had escaped him I broke out laughing because it was so like the old cartoons. Nothing ever really changes does it? The same old plots and ploys, just the characters change.

Have a good day – I’m going for one.

Johnny B

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2 Comments on “Weirdness prevails”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:

    I observe so many of the same things in traffic and in the check out line at Publix. All of those trash magazines are lined up for purchase. Do I really care about Brad and Angelia? Hell NO! He’s the idiot who cheated on one of the nicest and most beautiful women in the public eye and she’s the tramp who thinks it’s okay to get knocked up before the ink’s dry on his divorce papers.

    I can’t get over how all of these female celebrities think it’s okay to go out and get pregnant and get married after the fact or maybe not at all. The last time I looked up the word bastard in the dictionary, its definition hadn’t changed. These people influence other women and young girls and meke them think it’s socially and morally acceptable.

    What about the asshole in traffic who cuts you off or almost hits hits you and has the balls to honk at you and flip you off? That’s the kind of person you hope ends up underneath an 18 wheeler gasoline tanker.

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