Get Real

This morning I saw a mouthpiece for the White House on TV and he explained in detail what a fine deal it is for us to turn our sea ports over to the United Arab Emirates. Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that he and Bush and Condi and Rummy and everybody else in the capitol are entirely correct and it would be a grand arrangement. It doesn’t matter to the guy working the assembly line, or the farmer in the field.
Have these political idiots never learned even the basics about “selling” an idea? Even the lowliest student knows that it is NOT reality that guides people – it’s the PERCEPTION! And I will guarantee that the majority of Americans PERCEIVE this to be a sell out to the enemy, while we are still fighting them in Iraq. If I had a son or daughter placing themselves in harm’s way every day in the land of killers and murderers, I’d be marching in the protests myself.

If the Republicans had any hopes of retaining the White House, they’ve just made Hillary look good. And, if that happens, God help us. By the way, this consorium of sheiks and royalty who want our ports is headed by the ruler of Dubai, the richest country in the world. I wouldn’t try to pronounce his name, but let me give you just one fact: This man, of course, has a palace which rivals the Taj Mahal and a fleet of Mercedes autos. He even has a custom made silver Lexus. But when I say “silver,” I don’t mean silver paint. This Lexus is made completely out of real silver.

Of course, Bush has promised to veto any law congress passes to prevent this blunder so it will probably go through. But, in doing so, he is handing the White House to the Demos. The PERCEPTION of a stupid act like this makes the Demos look like they know what’s good for America.  Though we will survive Hillary’s presidency, it will be only be with the help of God.

Johnny B.

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