Right in our own Backyard

Am I crazy? Is our government actually planning to turn our ports over to the control of the United Arab Emirates? Hello! Does anybody remember 9-11? If I am not mistaken it was idiotic fanatics sponsored by this same consortium who destroyed a valued symbol of American commerce, plus several thousand people who just happened to go to work that day. According to the arab mods I see on TV each night they don’t even bother to go to work. Screw them – and a well placed hydrogen bomb wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve seen entertainers play with rattlesnakes, but invariably they eventually get bitten and some die. I’d prefer to see every arab dead, than one more American. Call me irresponsible, I’m just proud to be an American and I would destroy every enemy of the American way, if it was in my power.
Oh, I’ve heard all the arguments in favor of this misguided and insane proposition – the UAE manages lots of major ports around the world very efficiently, etc. Forget that bullshit. If they were the planet’s best managers, they should not be controlers of ANYTHING in this nation. The very symbolism shows that we have given in to towelheads and have given up on fighting terrorism.

As I have said before, I am not anti-Bush but if this is his idea (and I am not sure he has an idea of his own) he should be kicked in the ass and told to get some sense. It shows that Republicans (God bless ’em) cannot stand to be victorious in politics. If ever I saw the demonstration of their death wish, this is the greatest one, and don’t believe for a moment that the Demos will not take every advantage of it.

If you do nothing else this day – contact your congressmen and tell them to end this insanity before it goes any further.

Johnny B.

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