School Taxes Forever?

I just paid my personal property tax. I live in an unincorporated part of a county so mine were just $4000. If I had the same propertiy in the major city just 20 minutes away, they would have been close to $15000. Most of my taxes are school taxes which go up every year because more schools are built each year.

I haven’t had a child in a public school for nearly 30 years. My wife has never had a child – yet we both continue to pay school taxes year after year. Why? Well, liberals will tell you that “you must give back,” that it is, “for the common good.” Liberals like that common good ploy. They’ve also used it to take private property from individuals and then give the land to developers to build toll roads and condos on, “because it brings in even bigger taxes for the common good.”

Personally, I believe that nobody over the age of 65 should have to pay school taxes. My parents paid for me to go to public school with their taxes and I have paid taxes for my children – seems to me that the current parents of school age children should bear the burden of school taxes.

But, for the sake of debate (and the common good) just HOW LONG should older people (usually on inflation eating fixed incomes) be required to pay for school expenses? I’ll be open minded. What do you think? Should the cut-off be 70?

Or 80? How about 90? Give me a number, I’ll accept it. What I object to is taxes into perpetuity for school expenses.
Any relief for senior citizens from the burden of school taxes would be welcome, at any age. But, do you really believe that we should be required, under the threat of tax evasion – to pay them until we die?

Johnny b.

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2 Comments on “School Taxes Forever?”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:


    On top of that you paid twice because you sent your daughter to a private school at one point. I think if you choose to send a child to a private school, you should be able to write that off on your taxes at some point.

    It’s outrageous that someone who has reached retirement age and isn’t planning on any more children (I’m assuming not – right?) has to pay for another generation’s children to get educated. I think after age 60, a homeowner should be allowed to be exempt from taxes which go towards schools.

    If you have that many children coming into a community where you have to build additional schools, surely the homeowners under age 60 could carry the expense. But then, it does raise the question, what about all of the non-homeowners who live in rental properties? How come the money hungry government hasn’t gone after them in one form or another to collect taxes from them to cover their school needs? The homeowners are paying the school taxes which benefits someone else’s children who live in rental units.

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