Another Crusade?

Maybe it’s time to put on the iron suits, pick up our swords, mount our horses, and sweep the world killing a Muslim for Christ. Don’t get me wrong, please. I don’t participate in any organized religion – I have my own conversations with a higher power, I  need no middle man, and as long as I let It point the way, I stay out of trouble.

But I’m not about to let some rabble of thugs kill me or anybody I care about. It has become obvious to anyone with the intelligence of a bed bug, that nobody (religious or otherwise) can survive with Muslims on the loose. Of course, the leftests in our country, the overly liberal, make all kinds of excuses for them. They had a bad childhood, they live in poverty, it’ s our fault because we don’t give them enough money. Newspapers and politicians take great care not to  use words that might, even remotely, offend Muslims. Bullshit.

Observe please, that at any given time the Muslims can raise a riot at a moment’s notice about anything. Turn on the news  and there they are, their cowardly faces covered in ski masks or rags, waving and burning flags of all kinds, shouting down anything that is not Muslim. My first thought when I see this is: Don’t these people have jobs? Don’t they have some sheep to herd, or camels to tend? Don’t they have anything to do except fill the streets with stinking mobs?

I guess not, but what can you expect from a people who wipe their asses with their fingers, and want to kill everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) so they can take the world back to the stone age. And, perhaps they don’t have time to do anything productive (name one good thing Muslims have given to world society) because they have to stop, face Mecca, and pray five times a day. Southern Baptists don’t even do that much praying.

You see, the world cannot exist with Muslims in it because above all else their alligience is to Allah, the moon god of Arabia. To be an American you must pledge alligiance to our country, to promise to be a patriot and loyal citizen. No Muslim can ever do that. So they must kill us all, and make no mistake about it – that is their goal. Muslims cannot even make friends with Christians or Jews or Buddhaists, because their alligiance is to Islam, which forbids such an affront to their master religion.

You’ll also notice that those flag-burning mobs are all men. That’s because Muslims hate women. Their Koran or Quran as they call it, instructs each man to marry four women and to beat and scourge his wives if they disobey him. Strange. Because, if they agree to strap C4 to their bodies and walk into a group of “Infidels” (that would be anyone who is not a Muslim) and blow themselves up, they will be a hero and go directly to paradise where they will be supplied with 10 (or is it 12?) virgins. (Who would probably first demand that they take a bath and carry out the garbage, before allowing him into the bedroom.)
They cannot live with us on a political basis because, instead of having a Republic as America does where the people elect persons to represent them in a congressional body where laws are made, they take their orders from the mullah; their spiritual leader, who teaches annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, which they refer to as “The Great Satan.”

Muslims could never accept our Constitution because it is based on biblical beliefs, and Muslims believe the Bible to be corrupt; Islam and Muhammad and the Koran do not allow freedom of religion and expression.

Remmber, in spite of the Athiests and other idiots seeking publicity, we still declare that we are, “One nation under God,” and our God is a loving and forgiving God diametrically opposed to Allah and the Koran. So Democracy and Islam can never co-exist. You will notice that every Muslim government is a dictatorship.

The world banded together, with America losing tens of thousands of our Greatest Generation, to rid the world of Nazi Germany. The Muslims and the Nazis have so much in common the similarities are too many to list. It is time, once again, to save the world. Not this time, from Nazi’s “Ethnic cleansing,” but from the despotic, tyranical, and eager to kill us Muslims. Remember the admonition of the immortal John Wayne: “The only good Muslim – is a dead Muslim.”

Johnny B.

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2 Comments on “Another Crusade?”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:

    As much as I don’t want my cousin over in Northern Iraq, I don’t want these crazy bastards being able to plot their next slaughter of innocent people. My cousin after arriving in Iraq after Thanksgiving, is tasting a kind of prison thanks to these lunatics. At night, he can’t get up to pee without putting on full body armor so he can safely walk outside to where they have the toilets.

    No one can walk anywhere without wondering if their next step will be the one which sends them back to the United States in a ziploc bag because there isn’t enough left of them to be contained any other way.

  2. Johnny B. Says:

    Michael, you’re making my point for me. Quite simply, it is now quite evident that it is “us” or “them” for the rest of our lives. I’d rather it be “us.”

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