You probably don’t give a damn, but geeks like me spend most of our time working around the defects in Internet Explorer 5 & 6 to build web sites. Seems that while all the world adheres to set standards, Bill decided to put a lot of proprietry code in his browser while ignoring the world wide web standards. Of course, since he gives the lousy thing to everyone who buys a computer (it’s usually built in) it still is in use by about 90% of web surfers. So we have work-arounds and fixes and patches that we have to use to make it semi-compatible with every other browser.
But guess what? The stats for this sight have shown Firefox creeping up and finally topping out OVER IE6! Which is great because Firefox is the best browser out there (from a web builder’s viewpoint).

Now, here is another guess what. I have a beta (ie:still under construction) version of dah dah! – INTERNET EXPLORER SEVEN! And the only difference I can see is that they have stolen the good parts of Firefox and incorporated it in their (new?) browser which will probably be in all of the next generation computers.

Do us all a favor (ie: all of us who build web sites), okay? Get Firefox now – it’s free, with no commercials and it is still the best browser available. Not only that but they keep improving it all the time. You know why it is free and good? Because it is “open source” which means that nobody makes any money off it, and anyone can add improvements at will, so a bunch of people are working on it at the same time – for free. When was the last time you saw Bill Gates do anything for free? I guess that’s why he’s the richest man in the world.
Johnny B.

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