Super Bowl

I guess I will be one of the six people in the world who won’t be watching Super Bowl XXIIIIIIIII. But I’ve got good news for those like me. If there is a new and hot restaurant in town that has a long waiting list to get a table – go to it on the night of the Super Bowl. You’ll have no trouble getting in. I’ve done that for years, and it always works.

It’s not that I have anything against football (I’ve heard the Steelers are playing, but I don’t know who the other team is) and if you get excited and crazy watching TV sports, that’s fine with me. It’s just that I’ve always found something more interesting for me to do than spending the afternoon watching grown people playing kid’s games. So I don’t watch tennis, hockey, baseball (baseball is particularly boring) or any other sports.

It’s not a snob thing with me. I’ve just never enjoyed being on the sidelines watching team sports. As I am sure sports fans wouldn’t get a thrill out of watching me operate ham radio or flying R/C airplanes or doing weird things with photos on a computer.

One of the most fascinating aspects of sports games is that fans are always complaining about how high ticket prices have gotten, and paying five bucks for a plastic cup of beer – but they keep doing it thereby making millionaires out of team owners and the star players. Cool. I think anybody should make as much as the traffic will bear. But I won’t be watching this year as always, so if you were planning on coming to my house to watch – I won’t be here.

Johnny B.

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