State of the Union

I didn’t listen to the President’s speech to congress, because I knew it would be the same old rhetoric, aimed more toward helping the Republicans in the fall elections, than addressing vital domestic issues. Not that I am anti-Bush, on the contrary, I feel strongly about our being in Iraq – but I am sick of hearing about it. Of course, we have to stay there until every last Muslim fanatic is captured or killed. If we don’t, nothing in this country is safe from such idiots.

Neither am I a Democrat and if Iwas, this year I wouldn’t claim it. In my life, I have never heard such vitriolic bullshit as the Demos continue to puke up. If I must be something I am a Libertarian (and I am a card carrying member) because basically the Libs fear the Government as much as Thomas Jefferson did. The Libertarians primarily believe in the less government interference in our lives, the better. They take the view that you can do anything you want to, as long as you give me the same previlege, and don’t do harm to me or my family. We’ve got an abundance of laws to curtail drunk driving, spousal abuse, child abuse, etc. So that is covered.

The only two things I don’t agree with is the Libertarian’s abhorrance of war (which is sometimes necessaary – Iraq is a prime example) and their name. Most people think Libertarians are Librarians. If they called themselves something else they actually might be a viable politcal party, instead of just having three or four members (including me and Neal Boortz).

I didn’t listen to the Pres’s speech because I knew he wouldn’t address some diasterous concerns here at home. When Ford and GM begin closing assembly plants, and laying off thousands of worlkers (ie: jobs) this country is in serious trouble. When Exxon posts a profit of 27 BILLION dollars (the greatest profit ever in this country) for the last quarter and gas prices continue to soar, that is the time for government to do something. Don’t get me wrong – I am an outspoken advocate of free enterprise, but we have allowed the oil companies to become a monopoly. Obviously, with only FOUR suppliers of gas, natural gas, diesel fuel, heating oil; they can (and do) raise their prices at will. And when gas goes up, so does the price of everything because everything we use is delivered by train or truck or airplane. And don’t be fooled by different names on gas statons – all of them are owned by only four companies. They have no competition, and that is what makes for reasonable prices for everything.
Remember when the government rushed in and broke up Ma Bell because they were a monopoly? Why doesn’t the same rule cover what the four oil companies are doing? And poor old Social Security. Every President since John Kennedy was going to “fix” social security – and still it is broken. A fact is a fact. With congress dipping its greedy hands into the SSI slush fund, there is one certainty. Social Security is going to run out of money.

I am not an isolationist, but our politicians (most importantly, our President) are ignoring the vital issues here at home that must be considered, or we might as well turn the U.S. over to the terrorists now because there isn’t going to be much left of it in a few years, the way things are going.

I am not sure who said it first, but we are our own worst enemy. God help us.

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One Comment on “State of the Union”

  1. Michael Hopkins Says:

    Those are very interesting comments. Let’s not forget the once very profitable and always in the black (not anymore) Delta Air Lines. Yes, they had incredibibly bad management come in but with the soaring jet fuel prices and no one from the government willing to step in to do something about the fuel prices, who knows if they will ever get back to where they once were.

    Natural Gas prices make me so pissed off, I actually considered replacing my gas stove just to lessen what the gas company could take from me.

    We can only hope that the government will leave the power companies alone so they don’t become our next nightmare.

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